BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Is Selling Their Stuff On Reverb

Bullet For My Valentine is the latest artist to team up with Reverb to sell a bunch of their gear. The Bullet For My Valentine store will open on November 8 and will include such pieces of gear as:

  • Two Ampeg SVT Classics that lived in one of the band’s amp rack road cases. The 300-watt all-tube amps come complete with tape markings indicating the band’s desired settings.
  • A TC Electronic G System with Foot Controller, that comes in a road-worn road case.
  • A Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head, covered with pieces of BFMV tape, as well as stage directions.
  • A Pearl Rhythm Traveler Drum Kit, which includes two kick drums, three toms, and a snare.
  • A 7-Piece Pearl Reference Series Drum Kit w/ 8″x14″ Snare, which features a 14″ x 20″ floor tom that has a setlist from Portland, ME taped on the inside.

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