Bringin’ Back the Lo-Pro: Periphery’s Jake Bowen Describes His New Ibanez Signature JBM100 Guitar

No, it’s not a hip-hop solo project of a nu-metal band. Bringing back the Lo-Pro is what Ibanez did when Periphery Guitarist Jake Bowen began designing his new signature guitar with them, the JBM100. The original Floyd Rose Lo-Pro floating tremolo bridge isn’t often used on modern Ibanez guitars. Usually only a few models integrate it into their designs. But Jake Bowen is like Kiss. He wanted the best, so he got the best…. or does that mean he’s more like Kiss fans? The Kiss Army, I guess. Either way, he’s not unlike those who want nice things and attend Kiss Concerts. You’d think those two factors would be mutually exclusive, though…


Oh, right. Guitars. I’ve spoken to Jake about this guitar before, and our conspiring minds agree that the matte black finish is, scientifically, frickin’ sweet. It coats a mahogany back and maple top. Installed in the body are Jake’s own signature DiMarzio pickups, the Titan series. He can explain the rest for you in the video below. For more info head to the Ibanez website.

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