BREAKING: Winter NAMM Show 2021 Event Officially Canceled – Virtual “Believe In Music” Event Takes Its Place

Well, it should come at no surprise at this point that even something as far out as January would be canceled – especially an event that typically draws 100,000+ attendees – but if you were still holding your breath, it’s time to exhale and pour one out for Winter NAMM 2021.


In its place, a virtual event entitled “Believe In Music” will take place during the week NAMM would have been.

In the official NAMM press release, Joe Lamond, NAMM President and CEO, says,

“While it remains unsafe for us to gather in person in January, Believe in Music week will use new, intuitive technology to connect us all to harness the incredible energy that happens when we come together. With a robust marketplace to launch new products and share your brand story, Believe in Music will also feature networking and matchmaking for our buyers and our sellers, education for all segments of the industry, and live music and concerts. And just like at all NAMM events, these activities will raise awareness and financial support to serve our NAMM family across our Circle of Benefits model. Believe in Music week will be a critical step for our industry to help us prepare for the new year and new opportunities.”

According to the official press release, “The weeklong celebration will welcome domestic and international NAMM members from the music instrument, pro audio, live sound and live event industries, artists, media and policymakers, along with participants from GenNext (college music students and faculty), Music Education Days (school music administrators) and Nonprofit Institute (NAMM Foundation grantees and nonprofit affiliates). Emerging and established musicians and fans are invited to connect with brands and in special music-making projects and opportunities to showcase their talents and performances throughout the week, opening the potential to gather music makers in a capacity not restricted by location.”

It’s unclear exactly how all this will be formatted, who will be able to attend, or much in the way of further details, but it does state that the event is “not The NAMM Show or a virtual tradeshow, the initiative will meet the immediate business needs of NAMM member companies through thought-leader led education for all segments of the industry, networking and AI matchmaking, and business-to-business-focused opportunities to reaffirm and grow business connections, launch new products, share brand initiatives and engage with customers in real-time”.

On a personal note, as NAMM is by far my favorite event of the year and I am incredibly bummed not to be able to attend, but considering the circumstances, I believe this to be the best move. I’ll be interested to see how well this event fills the void left by the in-person show, because as of right now I’m a bit skeptical – I can’t imagine anything that would come close to the kind of networking and communication you can get done at a trade show like that, but I’m hopeful that this can be some kind of simile. As always – there’s only one way to find out.

If you’re missing NAMM like we are, take a stroll down memory lane with our coverage of this year’s show. If you are planning an event then getting chair covers and linens wholesale is not a bad idea, does not just present you with the options, but assists you in choosing that ideal set of covers to go with your theme.

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