BOSS Announce SY-1000 Guitar SYNTHESIZER

That’s right, the good people over at BOSS have just announced the new SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer! This new modeling processor for guitar and bass features their newly developed Dynamic Synth and refined versions of the classic BOSS and Roland instrument modeling technologies. The unit features ultra-articulate tracking, lightning-fast response, instantly variable tuning, sound panning/layering, and more.


The SY-1000’s Dynamic Synth allows the player to craft sounds which were previously impossible to produce on a guitar. Some more specific details about this system include:

  • Ten oscillator waveforms
  • Six filter types
  • Amplifier controls
  • Two LFOs
  • Two 16-part step sequencers for automating pitch, filter, and amplitude parameters

In addition to this, two included synth instruments are the OSC Synth, an analog-style engine with numerous filter options and full ADSR control, as well as the GR-300, which is Roland’s legendary analog guitar synth from the early 80s. The SY-1000’s instrument modeling includes a large selection of classical, electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, each with independent tuning, EQ, virtual amp settings, and a whole lot more to boot.

On top of all that, the SY-1000’s effects and user interface are derived from BOSS’s flagship GT-1000 multi-effects. A large LCD and hands-on knobs enable free-flowing sound creation, and users can customize eight onboard footswitches to operate nearly any function. Deep external control is supported as well, and Main and Sub stereo outputs include independent EQs. There’s also an effects loop for integrating external gear until your heart’s content.

The BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer will be available in January 2020 for $999.99, and you can learn more over on the BOSS website.

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