BOSS Introduces Waza Craft BP-1W Booster/Preamp

Boss has just introduced the Waza Craft BP-1W Booster/Preamp, and it’s bringing back some old-school circuitry. The BP-1W Booster/Preamp takes the variable analog preamp circuitry from beloved pedals like the Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and RE-201 Space Echo, and allows players to access ’em both in one versatile stompbox, along with a natural, clear voice that functions as a standard clean boost. Which is especially great considering both the CE-1 and RE-201 are discontinued.


With its three operation modes, the BP-1W is one of the most flexible boost pedals available. Along with CE and RE modes, a third mode provides a pristine clean boost to pump the volume without added color. The Gain knob offers a range of saturation and drive tones unique to each mode, while the Level knob lets the player balance the effect/bypass sound or push downstream pedal and amp inputs for further tonal enhancement.

The BP-1W also features high-quality buffer circuitry with two selectable types. Sliding the rear panel switch provides access to the pure signal of a standard buffer or a vintage buffer with lower input impedance.

Get it here for $169.99.

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