BOSS Introduces IR-200 Cab Sim Pedal and SY-200 Synth Pedal

Boss is taking a turn away from their recent wave of distortion pedals with both the IR-200 and SY-200.


First up is the IR-200, Boss’ most advanced and compact amp/IR pedal. The IR-200 offers 128 user IR slots with support for mono and stereo WAV files, an onboard preset cab IR library with 144 BOSS IRs and 10 Celestion Digital IRs, and class-leading IR reproduction with two custom DSPs. The IR-200 comes loaded with eight built-in amplifier models, as well as the ability to bypass the amp section entirely and use the IR-200’s cab IRs with an amp/load box setup or external modeler.

The IR-200 allows players to run two IRs simultaneously, and offers an input for a separate MIDI controller. The IR-200 is available here for $399.99.

Then there’s the synth tones of the SY-200. The SY-200 is based on the classic SY-1 and offers 12 highly-customizeable analog-style synth categories, 128 memories for saving and recalling sounds, fast sound creation with hands-on controls and large display, and three adjustable parameters for customizing sounds.

The SY-200 offers a parallel send/return loop for easy integration with other pedals on your board, as well as the option for external footswitches, an expression pedal, and MIDI. The SY-200 is available here for $299.99.

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