BOSS Gives Bassists a Wireless Practice Solution With New Waza-Air Bass

Boss is following up their Waza-Air for guitar with one for bass, because bassists need to practice quietly too sometimes.


The Waza-Air Bass offers bassists the ability to play in a natural sounding environment through a pair of wireless headphones. The Waza-Air Bass uses a a gyro sensor that puts you in moving 3D space with your instrument, and offers five amplifier types and over 30 effects. Better yet, players can also access 10 onboard acoustic drum patterns, both a metronome and an advanced groove-based metronome, and can play music through the headphones to jam along with.

The Waza-Air Bass comes in tandem with the BOSS Tone Studio app, which allows players to configure their tones and tune their instruments. An optional EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal also beefs things up with the ability to map controls, effects, and settings as well, should your practice routine be a little more involved.

The Waza-Air Bass works via Bluetooth and offers up to five hours of playing time. The Waza-Air Bass is available here for $449.99.

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