BOSS Finally Releases Their RV-200 Reverb Pedal

Years after Boss initially rolled out their 200 series, they’ve finally gotten around to the RV-200 reverb pedal.


The RV-200 offers 12 different reverb types, 127 memory slots, density control with six stages, and selectable carryover for maintaining reverb trails when switching presets or bypassing the effect. So what are the 12 types of reverb we’re looking at here? They are:

  1. Room, which simulates the reverberation characteristics of a small room. Select from four room sizes with the Param knob.
  2. Hall, which simulates the reverberation characteristics of a concert hall. Select from three hall sizes with the Param knob.
  3. Plate, which simulates the reverberation characteristics of a studio plate reverb. Balance the high and low damping of the reverb with the Param knob.
  4. Spring, which simulates the distinctive sound of the hardware spring reverb effect found in guitar amplifiers. Select the number of springs with the Param knob.
  5. Shimmer, which creates long, dreamlike reverberations rich in harmonic content. Adjust the harmonic character and diffusion with the Param knob.
  6. Arpverb, which is a newly developed BOSS reverb that creates an arpeggio type of sound with evocative pitch-shifted tails. Use the Param knob to adjust the attack of the arpeggio sound.
  7. Slowverb, which is a sweet ambient reverb with gentle attack and soft harmonics. Param adjusts the amount of direct sound blended with the reverb, allowing you to create deep, immersive tones.
  8. Modulate, which adds a modulation effect to a rich hall reverb sound. Adjust the modulation depth with the Param knob.
  9. +Delay, which combines a delay with reverb, with the length of both effects controlled with the Time knob. Use the Param knob to adjust the delay level.
  10. Lo-Fi, which is specialty reverb with limited bandwidth and added distortion. Adjust the distortion amount with the Param knob.
  11. Gate, which is a distinctive reverb effect that abruptly cuts off the reverb tail. Use the Param knob to control the timing of the gate effect.
  12. Reverse, which lays the reverb sound in reverse. Adjust the high-frequency character with the Param knob.

The RV-200 also offers stereo I/O with wet/dry and dry mute output options; expressive Hold, Warp, and Twist effects available via footswitch control; and the ability to connect and control multiple 200 series pedals at once via MIDI.

The RV-200 is available here for $269.99.

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