BOSS Drops New DM-101 Delay Machine

Boss has unveiled their brand new DM-101 Delay Machine. The DM-101 Delay Machine offers 12 unique modes and stereo operation, all while maintaining 100 percent analog signal processing throughout. The DM-101 Delay Machine brings with it 127 user memories, tap tempo, carryover, and MIDI, as well as basing all its delays around the BBD (bucket-brigade device) microchips of the 1970s.


An interesting note on the DM-101 Delay Machine is the ability to realize sophisticated stereo sounds not available with other BBD analog delays. For example, Pan mode routes each BBD and its feedback loop to alternate points in the stereo field, while Dual Mod shifts the modulation phase for each output to generate a wide, spacious delay effect. Six of the 12 modes support stereo operation, providing everything from short reverb-like sounds and expansive modulated delays to pattern delays for intense rhythmic effects.

The Boss DM-101 will be available in July for $499.99.

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