BOSS Combines Guitar and Synthesizer Into New EURUS GS-1

Boss has entered the world of making guitars, and they’re kicking things off with a bang. Boss has just introduced the world to the EURUS GS-1, which is part guitar and part synthesizer, and from the looks of it, all awesome.


First and foremost, the EURUS GS-1 is a guitar. It has an Alder body with a “C” shape bolt-on Maple neck and an Indian Rosewood fretboard with 24 Jumbo frets. The EURUS GS-1 has the EURUS Humbucker in both the bridge and neck position, and features a Gotoh two-point tremolo bridge and locking machine heads. It’s a guitar. You can certainly play it like one and it’ll certainly sound like one through all your gear.

Then there’s the synthesizer side of the EURUS GS-1. The EURUS GS-1 comes with a synth engine loaded with six onboard memories filled with ready-to-play sounds, as well as access to infinitely more options thanks to the GS-1 Editor app. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, meaning you can program your guitar synth sounds right on your phone via Bluetooth. You can also assign sounds to the EURUS GS-1‘s synth control knob and save your favorite sound combinations on your device for quick loading before performances.

Even better, the EURUS GS-1 offers the optional EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal, which allows you to control synth parameters like pitch bend, hold, and filter depth. Each sound can contain its own set of assignments.

The EURUS GS-1 is available here for $2,199.99. The optional EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal is also available here for $149.99.

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