BOGREN DIGITAL Launches Simple New Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100

Bogren Digital is back with the brand new Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100, a guitar amp simulator plugin based on the hand-built boutique tube amp MLC S_Zero 100. It’s like the physical model, but way easier.


Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 gives its users a distraction-free path to boutique tube amp sound, providing world-class quality and a straightforward workflow. The users get high-end guitar amp tones with minimal effort and can stay focused on laying down great guitar parts and solos. The controls have been boiled down to a single knob and a switch, which again – focus on playing.

The original MLC S_Zero 100 is a three-channel monster amp with many possibilities. With the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin, Bogren Digital has captured the breadth of available sounds within the range of a single knob. With low Gain knob settings, the users get Channel 1, which goes from clean and sparkly to a deep, three-dimensional overdrive. By turning up the Gain knob, the sound transitions over to the tasty organic tube crunch of Channel 2. And with high Gain knob settings, the world will be exposed to the fire-breathing yet dynamic Channel 3.

Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 comes with two different speaker cabinet impulse responses — Vintage and Modern. As with all Bogren Digital amp simulators, Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 has the brand’s proprietary IRDX technology built in. IRDX mimics the non-linear behavior that real-life guitar speakers exhibit, but which is invariably lost when capturing cabinet impulse responses. Any IR can be loaded into Ampknob MLC S_Zero, automatically enhancing it with IRDX technology.

Get it here for roughly $42.

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