BOGNER’s Mini 30-Watt Ecstasy Head Now Available

If you’re looking for that Bogner tone without breaking your back carrying it around, you’re going to love the new Bogner Ecstasy-Mini head. The Ecstasy-Mini is a 30-watt, single channel head based on the Bogner Ecstasy’s Red channel packed into a super portable package.


The Bogner Ecstasy-Mini offers the basic Volume, Presence, Treble, Mids, Bass, and Gain controls you’re used to alongside three tone-shaping mini toggle switches for additional, Gain, Mids, and Pre EQ options. The Bogner Ecstasy-Mini also comes loaded with a built-in Variac for some fine-tuning of everything between a classic “brown sound” and high-gain precision. The head also offers an effects loop, and is powered by a 24V universal-voltage power supply.

The Bogner Ecstasy-Mini is available here for $329.99.