BLACKSTAR Rolls Out Dept. 10 Amped 2 Pedal Amp

Blackstar is back yet again, this time with their 100W pedal amplifier, the Dept. 10 Amped 2. The Dept. 10 Amped 2 offers three power valve responses in the forms of EL34, 6L6 and EL84 tubes, as well as three preamp voices – the USA, UK and Classic options.


Unlike its predecessor, the offers Reverb, Delay, and Modulation effects. All three can be customized using Blackstar’s Architect deep-editing software and saved to the Dept. 10 Amped 2 in place of the default settings for each effect. The Dept. 10 Amped 2 comes with Blackstar’s CabRig simulator technology, and offers an FX Loop, MIDI In and Thru, and Line Out, USB-C and balanced XLR outputs.

The Dept. 10 Amped 2 is available here for $649.

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