BLACKSTAR Introduces New HT Venue MKIII Amp Series

Blackstar Amplification just unveiled the new generation of their HT Venue tube amp series.


The MKIII version includes three combos – the HT Stage 60 112 MK III ($1,099) , HT Stage 60 212 MK III ($1,199), and HT Club 40 MK III ($999) – alongside the HT Club 50H MK III ($849) and HT Stage 100H MK III ($999) heads, plus a boatload of new cabs from 1×12 to 4×12 configurations.

All the aforementioned come loaded with EL34 power tubes, switchable to a 6L6, and ECC83s in the preamp. Though perhaps more importantly is the addition of Blackstar‘s CabRig in each. The CabRig is Blackstar‘s DSP speaker simulator and offers hundreds of different tonal options, all customizable through your laptop. CabRig can also be run out via XLR, Stereo Line Out, and USB, so you can record your amp straight into a DAW.

Each combo and head offers Clean and Overdrive channels, with the 60- and 100-watt options offering a third, British-style clean channel for that extra chime. Pre-orders for the new Blackstar line are available here.

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