BLACKSTAR Drops New USB Interface, The POLAR 2

Blackstar is here to give guitarists some serious tone thanks to their POLAR 2 interface.


The POLAR 2 is a 2-channel USB audio interface that features two high headroom FET input channels, a high output headphone amp, +48V phantom power for condenser microphones, balanced outputs for professional monitoring, visual level meters, and a proprietary “Enhance” switch that introduces electronics into the signal path that replicate the sound of a classic guitar amplifier.

The POLAR 2 comes with the St. James Suite of tones, Ableton Lite, ReLab LX480 Essentials, Melodyne Essential and more to really let you build your own tone (or workflow, or just make one hell of a racket – you do you). Better yet, the interface also comes with POLAR Control mixing software, giving the control to adjust and fine-tune the levels, panning and routing of your monitoring.

The POLAR 2 is available here for $199.

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