BLACKSTAR Adds A Bluetooth Version Of Their 10-Watt ID:CORE V4 Amp

Blackstar has added a Bluetooth-enabled 10-watt amplifier to its ID:Core V4 series, making it the first Bluetooth amp in the series.


The ID:CORE V4 Stereo 10 Bluetooth really only differs from the rest of the series in its Bluetooth abilities. Outside that, it features six voices – two clean, two crunch, and two overdriven – delay, modulation, and reverb effects; and two 3″ Blackstar speakers. In fact, the only thing the ID:CORE V4 Stereo 10 Bluetooth doesn’t offer that its 20-watt and 40-watt counterparts do is footswitch capabilities.

The ID:CORE V4 Stereo 10 Bluetooth will be available here for $199.99. In the meantime, the rest of the ID:CORE V4 series is ready for y’all.

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