BLACK LION AUDIO Unveils New Revolution 6×6 Interface

Black Lion Audio has went pretty big with their new Revolution 6×6. The Revolution 6×6 is an all-purpose studio dynamo that can serve as a primary word clock, a standalone DAC and ADC, and a 6-in, 6-out class-compliant USB interface.


The Revolution 6×6 offers balanced XLR, line-level, and instrument-level input options alongside mono-summable headphone outputs with direct monitoring mix control. Integrate external gear via the S/PDIF connection and USB OTG. To get a little deeper, the Revolution 6×6 also offers the Macro-MMC (Master Music Clock) for maximum converter quality for top-notch audio, as well as proprietary PG-i filtering technology and highly-filtered power rails work with full-circuit power decoupling to further reduce noise contamination.

The Revolution 6×6‘s DAC and ADC technology can also be used as standalone functions simply by pressing and holding the “Standalone” button. Which means you can also hook up your media player via S/PDIF and enjoy good some hi-fi listening. And finally, the Revolution 6×6 also includes select plugins from Izotope, Psychic Modulation, Brainworx, and Lindell:

  • PreSonus Studio One Artist: Recording and music production DAW
  • Izotope Elements Suite: Nectar, Neutron, Ozone and RX for tone-shaping, mastering, and repair
  • Psychic Modulation EchoMelt3: BPM-based modulation and echo
  • BrainWorx bx_digital: Mid/side EQ with filter and de-ess options
  • Lindell 6X500: Colorful preamp model with two-band EQ

Get it here for $549.

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