Big Fat Snare Drum Is a Thin Little Mute for Your Normal Sized Snare Drum

File this one under the header of “things that I can in no way judge without using them in person.” Big Fat Snare Drum is neither big, nor fat, nor a drum. But if you have a normal snare drum and you want to make it sound big and fat, well then, you know…


The company claims that it “lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum, allowing the drummer to achieve that big, beefy, 70s thud. Unlike gels and tape, BFSD lowers the pitch without any of the hassle.” Now, I don’t know if anyone ever considered putting Moon Gels on a snare drum an actual hassle. It doesn’t seem like there’s any less effort involved than putting one of these discs atop of your drum head. If it’s unique brand of muffling is aesthetically preferable, that’s one thing. But I don’t think there’s anyone lifting their arms in hallelujah at the thought of never having to deal with putting a little tape or a gelatinous glob on a drum head.

There’s a few samples on the Big Fat Snare Drum website if you want to give it a listen. It sounds pretty extreme, which makes sense considering how much surface area is covered. The system actually reminds me a little of Kurt Ballou’s snare muffle technique in his CreativeLive class, wherein he took a bit of a snare head and taped it to the rim.

Big Fat Snare Drum retails for $20.

Source: Drum!

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