Best Mobile Apps For Guitar Players

Learning to play the guitar is a hobby that requires a lot of skill, patience, and discipline. However, the reward of becoming a guitar player is that you can experience music first-hand and have a great time strumming melodies and playing power chords.


Guitar playing can also be a bit obsessive as you always want to scratch that itch and keep playing, and that dedication is likely to spill over into your other hobbies.

If you’re a guitar player, you’ll probably want to have apps on your phone that suit your interests and can supplement your guitar playing experience. Here are a few quality apps that you should download.


ChordBank is a really clever, resourceful app which includes an entire dictionary of different chords and scales. This allows you to look up any chord in a pinch, and the app demonstrates the required finger placement for you to play these chords.

This app has chords from various genres, so if you’re looking for fancy jazz chords or some of the harder rock chords, you’ll find them on this app.

ChordBank is a good learning tool and can be a great source of inspiration if you’re trying to create a new tune.

Casino Games 

If you play the guitar, you might enjoy the excitement of playing some high-paced, fun rock songs. When you need a break from your guitar but want to keep up that excitement and adrenaline, you could try casino game apps!

Betting on things like roulette, slots and more, is super exciting and can be done in short bursts, which is perfect if you’re taking a quick break during a jam session.

If you’re interested in casino gaming, it’s important to play on the best websites and apps. You can find the best online casinos Australia that offers some of the most high quality casino games.

Guitar Tuna 

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to be able to help you tune your guitar. However, many of these are unresponsive and of low quality. Guitar Tuna is a very good tuning app that’s fast, accurate and free, making it essential for any guitar player.

This app is also very satisfying to use, as it gives you a visual cue and a ‘lockdown’ sound for when you’ve perfectly tuned your guitar.

With that said, better tuning apps are out there, but you’ll need to pay for them! If you’re looking to get the job done for free, then this app is a great option for guitarists.


There are many great apps for guitar players that can either help them with their instrument or that suit the mindset and interests of musicians.

The apps mentioned here are far from conclusive, and various other apps can provide a different function and help you get the most out of your guitar.

By exploring the different apps available, you can have a much better experience and fine-tune your phone to best suit your interests.

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