BEHRINGER’s Octave Divider Pedal Is for Guitar, Bass, and Synth

Behringer is dividing octaves for everyone all thanks to their new Octave Divider pedal. The pedal is inspired by the octave pedals used by David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix in the 1970s, though brought into modern times (and given a very ’80s look).


The Octave Divider features a sub-octave effect with its own Mix and Tone controls, as well as a Bass Only option that completely shuts down your dry signal in favor of the octave effect only. The Octave Divider also has a Ringer function that adds harmonic emphasis on the upper tones, and special multi-note effects through activation of a built-in ring modulator.

The Octave Divider is available here for $99.

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