BEETRONICS Claims To Have Created A New Pitch-Shifting Sound

Beetronics is about to get weird as hell with their new Seabee pedal. The Seabee is a multi-chorus pedal that includes a controllable chorus delay time and – as the headline mentions – Harmochorus, which Beentronics says is “a never-before-heard pitch shifting modulation that can certainly inspire new genres.”


So what the hell does the Harmochorus offer? Well, it’s three different programs that we’ll let Beetronics explain. “The easiest way to explain it’s that, when clean, it sounds like angel bees are accompanying you, and when paired with some buzz, it sounds like a swarm of killer bees producing the most dangerous pitch shifting modulation are after you!” Much like the chorus, the Harmochorus is adjustable paramters like different pitches and speeds.

The Seabee offers two stereo output options, 16 onboard presets, full MIDI control, expression in, external tap and 4 input level options.

Get one here for $349.

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