BEATHAVEN Is a Hub for Budding Session Musicians

Here’s an interesting new opportunity for composer/players – Beathaven is a new website connecting producers and musicians, providing the chance to be paid for adding parts to pre-existing tracks or get feedback from producers on their parts.


The way it works is that producers have tracks that need additional parts uploaded to the site – you download the tracks, add your parts, then upload your version to the site for evaluation by the producers. If they like your additions, they offer you a fee to use your parts on their song or royalties from downloads and track sales. It’s similar to something like Taxi, but instead of creating complete songs from scratch, you’re completing a partial track.

Seems like a pretty cool idea to me – I’m gonna give it a shot myself and evaluate the results. I, like some people, work really well when given a solid starting point to go off of, and with a reasonably sophisticated home studio and compositional ear, it could turn into a pretty profitable enterprise.

From the website:


Find tracks that suit your style and interest. Which tracks do you want to jam on?


You create an account at checkout with your first download. Import the MP3 into your home or studio work station.


Make up a great part (instrumental, vocal, whatever you want to create).  Record your parts.


Make a new MP3 with your new part(s) mixed in and upload your track from your account page.


Beathaven professionals receive your tracks and evaluate your parts. For great parts that will go to master, we offer royalties for downloads on tracks with your parts! We also can discuss session fees for other scenarios (work for hire). We will look for viable opportunities for pitching and placement, creating more revenue potential for you. After working with you on our site tracks, we’ll invite you to put your own original tracks on the site for further revenue. We want to start a meaningful, creative, professional relationship with and for you.

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