BAREKNUCKLE Teams With BLACK STONE CHERRY Frontman For New Pickups

Bareknuckle Pickups has teamed up with Black Stone Cherry frontman Chris Robertson for a brand new pickup set called The Peacemaker. The pickups are emblazoned with the peace symbl, though they provide anything but a peaceful and mellow tone.


“The thing I really love about these pickups, along with the clarity, is how round and full that the upper register notes still stay,” said Robertson. “The higher strings, when you’re taking lead lines or even just chiming through chords, those notes stay right there and poke their chest out just as much as the lower strings. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about Bare Knuckles is the attention to clarity on every note. I’m super excited to get these pickups out there.”

The Peacemakers are PAF voiced humbuckers powered by Alnico V magnets and Bareknuckle’s custom hand wound coils, and are calibrated to work as a matched pair. And as Robertson adds “Yeah I like boomer bends… blackmail me!” Get ’em here.

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