Kerry King Shows Off His New Signature Guitar From B.C. Rich- The KKW30


Slayer’s Kerry King might have a left arm that says “God Hates Us All”, but the dude seems like a real nice guy. He just wants the kids to play cool music, man! But, kids like cool guitars, and kids also don’t have a lot of money. So, our friend Kerry made a cool, quality guitar for not a lot of money!

The guitar in question, the KKW30, seems like a solid piece! All mahogany body, 24 fret neck, simply electronics, and it looks like it plays like butter. The video above has Mr. King talking about what it was like for him coming up as a guitar player. He didn’t have the money for cool, quality guitars, and now that he is in a position where he can change that for the new generation of slayers, he is. What nice fella, eh?

The KKW30 will be out soon, and I hear the price is pretty great for the quality that you’re getting out of this thing. Read up for more on the guitar on the B.C. Rich website, and do as Kerry King would do, and be excellent to each other.

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