AUSTRIAN AUDIO Introduces New OC16 Condenser Microphone

Austrian Audio has just released its brand new OC16 large-diaphragm condenser microphone. The OC16’s design is inspired by the legendary CK12 capsule, though Austrian Audio has swapped out the brass for industrial ceramics instead. The company states the ceramics have the same mass and acoustic properties as brass, but with less fluctuation in tone.


The OC16 offers a Low Cut and High Pass filter at 40Hz to eliminate the lowest interference frequencies and 160Hz to counteract the so-called proximity effect. Plus, the flat design of the microphone in combination with its low weight allows miking and precise alignment even in hard-to-reach places. And for all you looking to record something loud, the OC16 can withstand a sound pressure level of up to 148 dB SPL.

The OC16 is available here for $399.

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