ATOMIC Launches New Stompbox Amp Modeller, Ampli-Firebox Mark II

Atomic has followed up their original, high-end amp modeler stompbox Ampli-Firebox with the very appropriately named Ampli-Firebox Mark II.


The Ampli-Firebox Mark II features everything the original Ampli-Firebox offered, such as top-tier amp modeling, user IRs, a suite of core effects like drive and reverb, 1/4″ and XLR outputs, and both a customizable interface and editor app. Then Mark II blazes past its predecessor with a next generation amp modeling engine including dynamic resonance control, new amp models, a headphone jack for quieter playing, a new streamlined operating system/UI, and dual assignable footswitches.

The Mark II also includes a control lock function so accidentally knocking a knob or switch doesn’t unintentionally change sound, FX level knobs to individually control or blend reverb and delay, and a load mode which lets the user choose whether pedal boots to favorite preset.

The Ampli-Firebox Mark II is available here for $399.

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