ASHDOWN Unveils New LB-30 2.N Head With Emulator Technology

Ashdown is back with their brand new Little Bastard 30 2.N. head. The LB 30 2.N. has 30 watts of output, two inputs and outputs with an FX loop, and with the latter being for both 4 or 8 ohm speakers. More importantly, the LB 30 2.N. has a built in Two Notes Torpedo that allows you to choose IR cabinet emulators modeled on six of Ashdown’s own cabinets. Ashdown notes that the Little Bastard features a load box, so there’s no need to connect the valve head to a cabinet in the studio.


Along the same lines of the digital aspect of the Little Bastard, the head allows you to edit and update your on-board IR cabinets with USB input. You can also charge your devices using the USB Charge socket. A direct balanced Torpedo IR output allows you to send to to your studio interface or front of house, and also offers both MIDI ins and outs. Check it out here.

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