ASHDOWN Introduces New DREAM THEATER John Myung Drive Pedal

Ashdown has teamed up with legendary Dream Theater bassist John Myung for the brand new John Myung Double Drive Pedal. The pedal was designed with Myung’s 6-string Music Man Bongo and ABM-600 amplifier setup in mind, and with a very strong gain structure.


“I absolutely love the pedal, I have been using it in a DAW setting and I think it’s going to translate well in a live show setting as well, it’s always great to have an option like this, I needed this!” said Myung. “Thank you for creating such a great pedal. Drive 1: Is great at harmonic distortion. Drive 2: Offers a great tweak in bass presence being able to bring it out without getting in the way of itself.”

The John Myung Double Drive Pedal features two individual distortions that can be either stacked or isolated, a transformer isolated DI for use with FOH or DAW interfaces, and dual VU meters to keep track of your signal. Like Myung mentioned, the first drive is a little more subtle and is controlled by Gain, Loud and Tone controls; the second is a little more aggressive and is controlled by the Grit and Burn knobs.

Learn more about the pedal here, which is expected to ship sometime January 2022.