Are there Heavy Metal-Themed US Online Gambling Sites?

There are millions of metal fans in the US, and all sorts of businesses embrace this by offering products and services tuned towards people with a passion for big riffs and screaming solos.


Online gambling is no different in this respect, as there are not only games made for acolytes of metal music, but also entire web-based casinos dedicated to this particular niche. So if you want to combine your twin interests of metal and casino games, here is an overview of your options.

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The sites to visit

There are lots of legal US gambling sites found at, although the preeminent metal-themed casino is not actually based on American soil, but instead operates out of the Mediterranean island of Malta, and is registered and regulated in the UK.

We are of course talking about, which not only has an entirely appropriate name for its target audience, but also goes above and beyond to ensure that customers have the best selection of slots games that will fit in with their preferred musical genre.

Even the design of the site itself is dripping with metal and rock music references; for example, rather than logging into your account, you ‘plug in’ instead. Touches like this really take things up a notch, and the fact that this is a fully accredited and regulator approved site is reassuring.

Further good news is that you can create an account even if you are not based in the UK, meaning players from the US can sign up. You just need to be willing to take the risks that come with playing via any offshore casino site.

The games to play

Not everyone will necessarily be comfortable with the idea of playing casino sites that are operated abroad, and if this sounds like something you’d want to avoid as well then luckily there are still US-legal sites which have a whole heap of games that will click with heavy metal lovers.

Often the quickest way to find where these games are available is to search for them by name, so here are just a few of the top options to get you started:

Guns N’ Roses Video Slots

Originally launched back in 2015, this eye-catching slot from the developers at NetEnt is crammed full of symbols that feature members of the band, as well as benefiting from a rocking soundtrack and some stunning visual effects.

As well as the base game, there are bonuses to be won, including things like free spins and multipliers. With a hefty RTP of almost 97%, it is also a slot which pays out the vast majority of its takings back to players, and its medium level of volatility mean that while the jackpots are not huge, the wins are also more achievable.

Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots

The godfather of heavy metal Ozzy Osbourne also has his very own officially sanctioned slot game, which can be played at many of the top online casinos.

There are lots of images and audio associated with the Prince of Darkness himself, and even the symbols which are not directly related to Ozzy are appropriately gothic in their design. For example, rather than featuring the picture cards like kings and queens, instead you get a skull wearing a crown.

You’ll also definitely want to play this slot with the sound on, because as well as featuring tracks from Ozzy, there are also wailing licks and lightning effects to accompany symbol matches and wins.

Book of Dead

The name of this slot might give the impression that it’s all about shambling corpses and flesh-bound textbooks, but it’s actually a game that’s inspired by Ancient Egypt, with a healthy dose of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure.

Featuring the chiselled jaw of hero Rich Wilde, Book of Dead is one of the biggest hits on the slot scene, and appears not only on, but also crops up on a plethora of other reputable sites.

Zombie Queen

If Book of Dead has left your interest in the darker side of life unquenched, then Zombie Queen should scratch that particular itch.

The titular monarch appears throughout the line-up of symbols, and there are also all kinds of spooky-looking accessories and glowing artefacts to go along with her. While the soundtrack is not the heaviest, it does do a decent job of bridging the gap between metal and horror, which are two areas that tend to intersect pretty regularly.

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