ARBOREAL AUDIO Drops Affordable Limiter Plugin

The Arboreal Audio is here to make your songs a little louder, and sound a whole lot better, with their new PiMax plugin. The PiMax multiband enhancer and limiter is made for everything from individual tracks to entire mixes, and offers two saturation modes with three modifiers. The modifiers are:

  • Finite, which creates gentle foldback distortion as it’s driven
  • Infinite, takes the foldback distortion even further, allowing the signal to pass through zero
  • Clip, which works like a traditional soft clipper

Then there’s the control over the program-dependent saturation modes, which allow for exaggerating transients and adding impact all the way to completely (and purposefully) mangling your tone. Some useful utility features of the PiMax include:

  • A stereo widening knob, which doubles as a mono-to-stereo utility
  • Dry/wet mix knob for parallel processing
  • Linear phase mode, for both linear phase multiband operation and linear phase oversampling filters
  • 4x Oversampling, with the option to defer oversampling until rendering
  • Fully resizable UI

The PiMax is available here for $25.

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