Apparently This Glass Pick Can Give You Brand New Tones From Your Guitar

Researchers at Kyushu University have come up with the world’s first silica glass guitar pick, which they debuted at the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022 closing ceremony. The pick was developed by Professor Shigeru Fujino of Kyushu University’s Global Innovation Center, in collaboration with Kyoto Sangyo University, Ikeda Picks, and Kohoku Kogyo, and apparently gives you brand new sounds.


“The molecular structure of silica glass makes if more durable, has better light transmission, and is highly heat and chemical resistant,” explains Fujino. “Humans have been using the material since ancient times. The jewel in Tutankhamun’s scarab brooch is made of silica glass.”

“Silica glass has higher mechanical strength and density than celluloid, the common material used in guitar picks,” added Fujino later. “Its unique properties produce gorgeous and glittering high-frequency sounds that cannot be obtained with conventional guitar picks.”

While we’re waiting for these picks to make a worldwide debut, check out the demo of it below. It’s… certainly a pick? Maybe we’re just not hearing it right.

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