AMPLITUBE Now Allows You To Model Your Own Gear

IK Multimedia’s AI Machine Modeling now allows users to model their own gear through the brand new Tonex system. Tonex allows users to scroll through thousands of rigs and preset models, as well as models created by other users accessed through the ToneNET. Tonex can be used as a standalone app, a DAW plug-in, or an extension to IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube 5. Tonex also works as a standalone app or AU plug-in for both iPad and iPhone, should you be looking for more of a portable rig.


So how does capturing your tone work? Enter the Tonex Capture. The Tonex Capture is essentially three accessories in one – Tone Modeling, amp recording and reamplification. The Capture allows you to connect your amplifier to your audio interface, capturing your amp tone pre-cabinet without the need for microphones or load boxes. The Capture also comes with TONEX SE which includes 200 Tone Models.

Check it out here.

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