AMPEG Rolls Out Rocket Bass Combo Amps, Much Smaller Than Most Fridges

Having an Ampeg amplified the side of a fridge is definitely awesome, but not so much when you have to move it from your practice space to basically anywhere else. Now you can avoid that hassle and still look coool (results may vary) with the brand new Ampeg Rocket Bass series combo amps.


The Rocket Bass amps range from the 30-watt RB-108 to the concert-ready 500-watt RB-210. Though much like their much larger and unwieldy cousins, the Rocket Bass combos offer essential Ampeg features such as 3-band EQ, signature Ultra Hi/Ultra Lo switches (RB-112 and up), and the new Super Grit Technology overdrive circuit, all of which combine to produce legendary Ampeg tone. Plus, XLR line outputs (minus RB-108), auxiliary inputs, and headphone outputs should you want to practice at home.

The new Rocket Series amps run as follows, and will all be available in Spring 2021 (though pre-orders are available now).

  • RB-108 $209.99 US MSRP
  • RB-110 $321.99 US MSRP
  • RB-112 $559.99 US MSRP
  • RB-115 $741.99 US MSRP
  • RB-210 $909.99 US MSRP
Though they do still sound great.

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