ALLEGAEON – Brandon Park Live Drum Playthrough of “1.618”

When I try and windmill whilst playing the drums, I usually fall right off my drum stool and cintoin to the rest of my drum kit – not this guy. Not Brandon Park from Allegaeon, who has it absolutely nailed! Check da vid –


Pretty damn good right? Brandon lays it down on this live playthrough from the Fillmore in San Fran with the rest of his motley crew. Bear with the sound quality because it isn’t the best, but it does give you an idea about the band’s technical chops and you can easily make out the ridiculous shit Brandon is pulling off. Some really nice use of double hand bell/splash work going on here too which fills the spaces nicely throughout the track. His blast beats are on point too.

The band name is pronounced “uh-lee-juhn” just in case you want to impress your mates with some cool technical death metal knowledge while comparing hair length and amount of days you haven’t washed for.

The lads are set to head out on a mammoth U.S. tour in March with the mighty Rings of Saturn, I suggest you get out and see them because that is gonna be one hell of a show!

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