All The Best Black Friday 2023 Deals On Basses And Bass Gear

Black Friday deals are upon us, and we’ve rounded up all the best plug-in deals we could fine! Check out the deals below and shop the entirety of the bass category right here, and the bass effects and amps category here.



It’s Ampeg. You know what it is. Ampeg is offering between $20 and $50 off a handful of their combo amps, as well as a $600 drop on a Ampeg Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT 300-watt Tube Bass head. Check those deals out here.


Ashdown‘s offerings are slim, but they do have a Ashdown RM 610T EVO II Rootmaster 6×10″ 900-watt Bass Cabinet with Tweeter for $600 off. Which is a hell of a lot. Check that out here.


Most of ESP‘s deals right now are offering three months of free courses from Musicians Institute, but that’s nothing to scoff at – buy yourself a guitar, learn something new, and then go Les Claypool on everyone’s ass. Whatever you gotta do, man. Check out their wide range of offerings here.


Much like the Fender guitar offerings, the brand has 60 basses all on sale right now. So if you’ve been wanting that Jazz clank (or the studio ready Precision), here’s your chance. Check it all out right here.


Much like Ibanez‘s guitar offerings, there’s not a ton going on in the world of bass. Though they do have a Ibanez Bass Workshop EHB1500 up for $400 off, which rules. Check that out here.


Spector has between $300 and $900 off a handful of their high-end models, which is pretty damn good. Spector’s pricier stuff is excellent, and any money off you can get is worth it. Check out those deals here.

Sterling By Music Man

Sterling By Music Man is offering between $80 and $220 off a bunch of their StingRay basses. Personally, these are my favorites of all the bass offerings, because man is that tone punchy as hell. Check out the slew of deals here.


Warwick has a few price drops on some of their RockBass models, including a hefty $300 drop on the Warwick RockBass Alien Standard 5-string Acoustic-electric. Plus some demos on some higher end Warwick models that’re well-worth it. Shop all the deals here.

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