ALEXANDER PEDALS Orchestrates Your Guitar With New Fever Pitch Pedal

Alexander Pedals has just introduced their new Pever Pitch. The pedal offers four stereo pitch shifters, followed by reverb/delay, stereo tremolo/pan, and stereo chorus/vibrato, all of which can be seamlessly blended to create some really, truly unique sounds.


The Fever Pitch has a high-resolution OLED screen to display an intuitive interface, allowing for easy, effortless tone-tweaking. Turning the pedal’s lower left knob navigates between pages of the user interface, and each page has a new group of effect controls to tweak. Tap the encoder to switch between the delay and reverb modes or hold it to access the Setup, Preset Save, or Scale Save menus. The pedal’s other five knobs adjust the parameters on the current page. After you’ve created the effect of your dreams, you’ll be able to save it to any one of the Fever Pitch’s 32 preset banks to be recalled at a moment’s notice.

The Fever Pitch is available here for $299.

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