Agile Renaissance X Multiscale 8 String ACOUSTIC Guitar

Rondo Music, makers of the go-to budget semi-custom ERG Agile guitars, are now offering an 8 string. multiscale production ACOUSTIC guitar – the Agile Renaissance. It’s not the first multiscale 8 string acoustic, but I think it might be the first ever production model. And if there’s enough demand for Agile to start mass production, then other manufacturers are sure to follow.


It appears to be the prototypes that they’re selling at the moment, but that can only mean the full production line is imminent. I’ve only played a couple Agiles, and only one multiscale 8, but I’ve always really liked their aesthetics and willingness to make the kind of guitars that make the average person say “WHY DO YOU NEED (insert feature here)” for a low price, and I’m really intrigued to play one of these.

In case you need some idea what you might use an 8 string acoustic guitar for, here’s Tosin Abasi:



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