ACLAM GUITARS Captures That CREAM Tone With New Woman Tone Pedal

Aclam Guitars has just rolled out their new Woman Tone guitar pedal, which seeks to capture that fuzzy Cream tone from the band’s final years. The pedal is controlled by Volume and Gain knobs, as well as the Woman Mode knob that behaves the same as the tone control found on most electric guitars. there ain’t much to it – if you wanna sound like late-era Eric Clapton and wanna blast some “Sunshine Of Your Love,” then you’re going to dig this. If not, then it’s not.


The Woman Tone pedal also features artwork from Marijke Koger, who painted the art on Eric Clapton’s The Fool guitar. “I enjoy decorating the Woman Tone pedal very much, with the intent of capturing the same spirit as the guitar,” he said.

Grab one here.