6 Strategies for Musicians to Relieve Stress While On Tour

Touring is one of the hardest parts of being a musician. It takes musicians away from the familiar and their friends and family. Many people do not know this but touring puts a lot of mental strain on you. This is especially true if the tour is not well planned or goes on for too long. So, what can musicians do to reduce stress while on tour?



Structure is very important because it removes the uncertainty that brings about unnecessary stress. Musicians should try to plan everything ahead of time like where they will stay, which cities and towns they will visit and how many days the tour will take. This way, you will always know where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing at any point while on tour. We recommend getting the Best wireless earbuds to enhance your musical experience.

Write or Play Some Music

Writing and playing music are both effective ways of relieving stress because they give musicians an outlet for their emotions. It also lets them focus on things positive things and activities they love. If in a band, writing or playing music together can also help the group come closer and help each other get through the tough and gruelling touring schedule.

Play Some Games

Playing games is one of the best ways of relieving stress because it lets us get out of our heads and instead focus on something else. While on tour, there may not be too many options available, but board and casino games are a favourite because of how accessible they are. Board games can be taken anywhere as they are easy to pack and most board games are easy enough to play so they do not add to your overall stress.

Casino games, on the other hand, can be accessed through a smartphone when musicians do not want to take too much time away from their hotel or tour bus. There is a huge selection of casinos where musicians can play casino games online as well as a massive selection of games to choose from.

Make the Most of Some Quiet Time

It is unlikely that you will be preparing for a concert or playing music 24/7. On your tour, you will likely find yourself with some free time. Take that time to do some things that calm you down. Take that time to read a book, meditate, listen to some music or watch a movie. During this downtime, you should not be thinking about the tour at all but instead, concentrate on getting yourself in a better frame of mind.

Adjust Your Diet

Eating healthy reduces stress on your body and mind. Therefore, try to eat balanced, nutritious meals any time you can. Remember that sugar, caffeine and carbohydrates can all make you more anxious than you need to be.

Reach Out

Human connections are very important when trying to fight stress. Try to reach friends and family through email, phone or text message so that you have someone to talk to about the challenges and stresses you may be under.


Touring is stressful for any musician no matter how many years they have been touring. In relieving stress, you need to change your perspective, find some relaxing activities and try to find some human connection as they all can help you relieve stress.

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