35 Years On, Maxon Updates The OD808 – Releases the OD808X Extreme Overdrive

Maxon was what is known as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Ibanez for a long time, making the ubiquitous Tube Screamer and all its variants that were branded for Ibanez. In 2002 Maxon and Ibanez parted ways, and Maxon struck out on its own, rechristening the TS808 as the OD808 and releasing it (and many other pedals) under the Maxon name.


Well, I guess they decided it was time for a makeover, and so the new OD808X Extreme was born. According to the website, it’s been upgraded with extended frequency response, increased output of an extra 5 db, and a harder, amp-style clipping for more aggressive overdrive. It’s also red, which makes it go faster.

The pedal can be had for $159 directly from the Maxon website, a mere $10 more than the standard OD808. We may or may not have gotten our hands on one for an upcoming review…..

Til then, here’s a video of somebody else demoing the pedal.

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  • Couple months late but whatevs.

    • Is it wrong I don’t like TS type overdrives? I have about 4 but I don’t like em.

      • Haha I don’t know that it’s wrong, but why have so many if you don’t like them? You could sell them and buy something you actually do like.

        • Well I’m always looking for a new sounds, so like an idiot I keep trying new ones. They are all so close that it doesn’t make a big didifference.

          • Read this: https://www.jhspedals.com/tech-articles/ Scroll down to the “An overdrive unveiling” part. More or less says if you don’t like one overdrive/tubescreamer your not going to like another one.

          • Yeah, I’ve got some research that pretty much confirms that. Good read though. I used to buy tons of distortion and OD pedals, then I realized that I needed an amp that could handle all the filth without need one to get the sound I wanted. I got one, and life is good. I’m still a big fan of my Keeley Metal Zone, but I only use it on like one song.

          • That might be why you dont’ like them. What kind of amp are you using? I have a 5150II that HATES Od’s and a Dual Rec that basically has to have one

          • Bugera 5150 clone. It is so compressed that the od doesn’t help, even at low gain. And the clean channel has so much headroom that short of maxing the gain on the pedal it doesn’t do much. Also I don’t play a lot of blues or rock, if I do I play my tiny terror and it sounds great on its own.

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