3 Things You Can Do To Take Your Mind Off Waiting For The Concert To Start

It is no secret that time spent waiting for something good to happen goes slowly and there is no slower momentum of time than when you are waiting for your favorite band to appear on stage. The excitement is rising, you feel a knot in your stomach, the noise and the tension are out of this world, but you can’t let the evening peak too early so you will need to do something to release some of your pent-up excitement and energy before the concert starts.


1. Take some photos

It is a good idea to make sure that you have mementos of the evening. Although you may find that you are not allowed to take photos while the concert is being performed (this can depend on the band and the venue) you can still take plenty of photos of your mates enjoying themselves beforehand and capture as much of the atmosphere as you possibly can.

This can be even more important if you know that there are other fans within your friend group that are unable to make it to the concert due to either not being able to obtain a ticket or not having the evening spare.

2. Play games 

If you have done this and yet the time is still dragging, then there is always the opportunity to play a few online games with your mates beside you, giving you good advice (or not depending on how playful your mates are) on how to play the games that you have chosen.

Now it is likely that you will not be sure how much time you will have to spare before the band hits the stage so it is likely that you will want quick games and nothing that is too drawn out. So, playing a few games of pokies is more than likely to fit the bill. If you are wanting something a bit more challenging, then look into which is the best online casino in Australia as well as some basic information about the games available.

3. Buy some merchandise

When you go to see your favorite band, you need to bring back some other mementos than just photos of an awesome night out. There are always stands selling goods at every concert and picking up a souvenir, especially in the form of a program will keep the memories alive for you for many years to come.

Indeed, there are people that collect concert programs, so it is a good idea to keep your memorabilia safe and protected in case it becomes a rare commodity in the future. Of course, items on sale do not stop at concert programs, there is usually a vast array of posters, clothing cups, and keychains, in fact, you name it, it is probably there for sale and all for the fans to buy and be proud of. 

However, as always you do need to be aware of the quality of the items that you are buying. Generally, those items that are for sale within the venue walls are of a decent standard but stalls or guys wandering around in the parking lot could be a different matter.

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