29 PEDALS’ New OAMP Pedal Adds up to 29db of Gain

29 Pedals is here to give you a pretty substantial amount of gain, thanks to their OAMP pedal.


The OAMP pedal, or Output AMPlifier, is meant to sit right at the end of the your signal chain. The pedal features an output driver that provides up to 29dB of gain for that final signal conditioning or even a little overdrive. Even better, the OAMP can drive several loads and has no problem handling passive splitters.

The OAMP pedal allows you to manage the gain using two toggle switches, with each stage having both Low and Hi Gain settings and a fixed tone filter. There’s also a Level control between the two gain stages designed not to affect the overall input and output impedance, and a Presence control to tailor the midrange drive.

The OAMP pedal is available here for $299.99.