1981 INVENTIONS Drops Long-Awaited LVL Pedal

1981 Inventions is back with their second-ever pedal, the LVL. The LVL was created by 1981 founder and Relient K guitarist Matt Hoopes alongside John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments, and has been teased for months on end. So y’know, it’s great folks can finally check this thing out.


The LVL is a non-transparent lower gain overdrive which “achieves overdrive gain ranges with a new and unique circuit. A combination of light clipping and op-amp push gives the pedal a unique sound and gain structure.”

“Whaaaaaat! My new pedal is officially out today. It’s called LVL,” wrote Hoopes. “I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite thing ever. It’s a two knob low gain kinda device, I’m calling it a FULL-RANGE OVERDRIVER because of the frequency range, but really all of the words don’t really mean much. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it when you plug it in!”

Get it here for $229.

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