THE DAMES Share Their Top 5 Gear Fails And Premiere New Track “Mutiny”

Duluth, MN-based rock outfit The Dames have been preparing for the release of their album Detritus on August 2nd. The album is comprised of 14 rare tracks from the band that were recorded from 1999 to 2004, and to help pump this rad collection of songs, we’ve teamed up with the band to premiere the 2nd track off the album, “Mutiny”, as well as their own Top 5 Gear Fails below! Check it!


Here are the band’s Top 5 Gear Fails:

1. That time we played the Giza pyramid opening for the Dead in the ’70s. We were all high on Egyptian brown acid, and our bass player Rusty tripped over a cable, and it came unplugged. So embarrassing!

2. Years ago, we were doing a two-night stand in Japan with Dokken, and Don Dokken and George Lynch got into an open-handed slap fight backstage that escalated quickly. I intervened, and I accidentally dropped the tuner I had been holding. It broke. The gig was ruined!

3. We tried to sell our souls to the devil at Robert Johnson’s famous crossroads, but the devil wanted to trade for gear, instead. We gave him a Digitech RP-1, which he was excited about, but we forgot the power supply. Whoops! Sorry, Satan!

4. We were all on stage jamming with Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas, and we were deep in a 25-minute version of “Smooth” when suddenly, our drummer Mat dropped his stick. Carlos whacked Mat over the head with his PRS, and he broke a string in the process. Uh-oh!

5. Every gig we play, our gear fails. We are but humble punk-rock musicians, and we don’t think too much about being professional. We think this makes us adorable little scamps. Go check out our rarities album “Detritus” on Learning Curve Records. It’s old material, but it’s still better than Jack White.

Be sure to pre-order the band’s new album Detritus here before it drops on August 2nd.

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