SCALE THE SUMMIT Drop 4th Single “Cosmic Crown” Feat. JAMES IVANYI and JEFF LOOMIS


We’re only two weeks away from In a World of Fear‘s due date now, and “Cosmic Crown” was just released as the album’s fourth single. As always, if you’re at all a fan of Scale the Summit’s guitar-driven brand of sickness (of course you are), this one’s a real treat. Both Jeff Loomis, as in Sir Loomis the Maven, and Australian shred-fiend James Norbert Ivanyi make guest appearances. It’s a rip-roaring good time.

Really, the whole album is a showcase of some of the finest guitarists in the scene today. Nick Johnston, Yvette Young, and Per Nilsson are amongst the crowd of wizards, just to name a few. That’s not even mentioning Chris Letchford’s incredible bandmates, bassist Kilian Duarte and drummer Charlie Engen.

If you preorder the new record now, you’ll get all four singles right off the bat. Otherwise, sit tight until May 19th when the shred will be officially unleashed.

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