RLYR Release New Track “L.Layer” and Relay a Message That A New Album is Coming


Let’s just talk about RLYR (pronounced “Relayer”) for a bit. It’s been a super long time since a band has nailed it, but RLYR are on to something. If you’re unfamiliar, RLYR are an instrumental progressive group made up of Steven Hess (Locrian), Colin DeKuiper (ex-Russian Circles), and Trevor Shelly de Brauw (Pelican). Their 2016 release Delayer was a banger, and the band has decided to keep the flow going by announcing a new album, and debuting a new song “L.Layer”.

This track is nothing short of amazing from the very start. The clean guitars and gentle drums that kick it off give an indie rock vibe that transitions beautifully into the bands signature fuzzy sound. And the band grooves, and grooves, and grooves. The guitar takes a bit of a solo every now and again, the band all digs in on the same rhythm, and then we get quiet until we jump back into the positivity field. Seriously, this is what instrumental music should be. Parts that don’t overstay their welcome and always progress, but at the same time always sounding organic in composition. RLYR have really outdone themselves this time.

The band has a new album coming out called Actual Existence due out April 13th. Super news! You can pre-order yours here on their site. “But, Gear Gods Writer,” you say, “How else can I support this incredible group of musicians? I am just one person!” Well, little boy, go like em’ on Facebook! You can find out all sorts of news as well as tour dates so you can see them with your own eyeball. Now get out there and show them what for!

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