POLYPHIA Propels Guitar-Based Rock Into The Future With New Song “YAS” Feat. CHON

POLYPHIA has a new music video, featuring CHON. It’s called “Yas”.
Now, this video is doing everything right. Everything works together, from Tim’s rad tessellation sweater to the large open lighted room to the rhythmic editing cuts. Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel of CHON come in and contribute solos that not only showcase their skill but also successfully give CHON’s sound to the track.
Polyphia themselves have been doing everything right, and I’ve been saying this since their release of G.O.A.T. If any “metal” band is going to cross into a larger genre pool, Polyphia is at the top of the pack. They have their look, their brand, and their sound so on lock that they can experiment and still remain Polyphia. They’re ahead of the mainstream radio curve, their look and sound draws from the same center of energy that underground genres like vaporwave and Soundcloud trap draw inspiration from. This is where they fit within the larger cultural timeline, in my opinion, and as they continue to ride along the same path as these growing genres, they’ll solidify themselves as instrumental renditions of these sounds. That’s my speculation at least, but I don’t know, I’m just rambling here. Anyway, check out these kids killing it in the video above, and get a glimpse of the future while you’re at it.
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