OTHERS BY NO ONE Bust Out The Puppets, Karate, And Hotdogs In This Music Video For “Oni-Chan!”


You thought you were prepared, but you are not.

Prog metal act Others by No One made their debut with the release of their first album Book I: Dr. Breacher back in 2017, which seemingly came out of nowhere and hit hard as one of the very best prog metal albums of the year. So while everyone has been patiently waiting for Book II, the band has thrown a curveball and released a brand-new single and music video entitled “Oni-Chan!”!

Now while this is still ObNO at their absolute heaviest, the band still manages to incorporate all manner of wacky, fun, and catchy moments into this dense, 6-minute track. Featuring puppets that come to life (among many other things), the music video is full of joy, sorrow, laughs, cries, and everything in between.

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