MYRONE Unveils New Single “A New Philosophy”


Synths that sound like they were taken directly out of a scene from Hot Rod mixed with awesome guitar playing? Sign me up!

I have to be honest with you, I’ve never heard of Myrone until today and I am pretty excited that I got to check them out. After scouring the internet for ANY kind of information on this band I was pretty much only able to determine that they are fronted by Mr. Hugh Myrone, they are based out of Los Angeles, and they have released a pretty extensive and interesting discography of tunes.

The guitar playing has all kinds of cool stuff going on. There are hints of Vai, Steve Howe, and Greg Howe (sorry for all the Howes) mixed into his playing, but overall Myrone has gotten hold of a pretty unique sounding style. The use of electronic drums and synths really adds a whole other dimension to this tune and sprinkles on that 80’s nostalgia sauce that I love so much.

You can purchase this tune from Myrone’s Bandcamp for the low price of $1.00 as well as many of his other releases.

Also be sure to check out the Myrone SoundcloudTwitter, and Tumblr pages.

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