CONSIDER THE SOURCE Guitarist Gabriel Marin Unleashes His Solo Creativity In This Music Video For The New Song “Not My Chair, Not My Problem”


The double-neck guitar playing legend himself Gabriel Marin is back with some new tunes and a new solo project! The Consider the Source guitarist is known for his wide array of musical styles and influences; from jazz and fusion to prog and world, and his new solo track “Not My Chair, Not My Problem” is a great example of how the man manages to blend all of his unique styles into one coherent piece of music (with an albeit wacky music video to boot). Check it!

There’s clearly a lot going on here; from the psychedelic melodies and guitar tones to the punky chorus, ethnically-infused percussion throughout, and massive jam section towards the second half, there’s pretty much something for everyone here. The song was produced by the talented Amrish Mahabir, who did a great job blending all the styles together mix-wise. A win-win from all parties here!

If that weren’t enough, Marin’s first solo album Various Situations Vol. 1 is now available on his Bandcamp! The album is split between three projects: Social Assassins, End of Echoes, and Storm of Existence; all of which showcase a different part of Marin’s musical style. You can follow all of his wonderful musical endeavors on his website, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the Consider the Source Facebook page for live dates.

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